Gaming Bus Rules

When we arrive to your party we have a very simple set of rules and regulations that keep everyone safe and all can enjoy the gaming party! You can view the rules down below.

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    Gaming Bus
    We come to you for the ultimate gaming party!
    All Consoles
    All your favourite consoles and games!
    14 TV Screens
    14 4K large 50 inc TV screens to play on!
    18 Playing
    Up to 18 gamers all playing at once!

    We are delighted you are either thinking of using The Gaming Bus or already have us booked in. Here are the rules:

    Gaming Bus Rules

    1. We have a strict minimum age of 6 to be allowed get on the The Gaming Bus.

    2. The maximum number of people allowed on the The Gaming Bus at one time is 18. We cannot rotate if you have over 18 people at your event or party.

    3. The only adults allowed onto the Gaming Bus are the parents who booked the event or party and must wear a face mask while on. (You don’t have to stay)

    4. Before we start your gaming event or party please keep 5 car spaces for us. As we arrive we will need 10 min to set up.

    If you are looking to book us please check if your date is available because we do fill up quickly. If you would like to speak to someone please call us on 087 914 9457